It is very difficult for an artist in our time to find his way because there are so many strange ways to distract him from his own way. And if an artist gives up his own way - what is left to him ? - just to follow the fashion of the time which means the destruction of art and the artist.

All phenomena of life are subject to expression in art and I have allowed myself to follow this belief. Thus the themes and motifs of my creations are diverse - giving free rein to my feelings and impressions. Nature graciously gave me many motifs which I followed and worked on. The Bible revealed itself to me in many of its aspects and also the heritage of my nation with which I feel deep affinity endowed me with insight to its inner life and revealed itself in my work prominently.

All those elements which form the bulk of my work I followed with devotion and tried to find the right materials and ways of expressing them - away from the turmoil and Fata Morganas of the art world. I hope time and places will be gracious to them.

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